Safety is important to us…

Versatile Granny Flats Site Cleanliness

Versatile Granny Flats take site safety very seriously. Safety is important to us and we therefore only align ourselves with builders and service providers that also care about providing a safe working environment. We believe that safety on site starts with a clean and tidy workplace and therefore we insist that builders keep our Client job sites clean and tidy at all times. They work tidy and then spend time at the end of each day ensuring that the site is free from any hazard and is left very clean.

We do request that our Clients provide a skip bin for the removal of spoil and rubbish from site. The builders will ensure that all rubbish goes into the skip and they will inform our Client in plenty of time before the skip requires being emptied.

Its also important to remember that by law, the builder is responsible for the site until such time as the building works have been completed. During the construction time (once the granny flat is at lock-up stage), the building will be kept locked at all times when builders are not on site. Whilst we are happy to arrange inspections of the building during construction, we request that our Clients respect the builders responsibility for safety and that they do not enter the construction area without a representative of Versatile Granny Flats or the builder with them. If requested, we will ensure that either our own staff or the builder are available at a time that suits you to inspect the building.

We hope that our Clients appreciate that safety is important to us and that they realise it is for their safety that we make these rules.  We also thank those Clients that understand and respect our concern for theirs and the tradesmen’s safety. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Have a look at the cleanliness of on of  our job sites so that you can see for yourself that safety really is important to us!

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